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CRM Data Security 

CRM Data Security 

CRM Data Security. The CRM industry is facing new kinds of challenges, As Most of the CRM have been moved to the cloud  and are offering integrated services to their clients, CRM information security has become an integral part of this industry. Companies are spending a good chunk of money to find & research on various ways to secure their clients data.

Some of the basic and simple modules in crm data security.


CRM Data Security 
CRM Data Security


Encrypted Data Communication

Basically Encryption is converting data into another form, this is done so that at the receiving end data can be opened by people or code having the Key (description Key). CRM software should assure that the data communication taking place is totally encrypted and secured over the transportation layer. There are various data encryption available like AES, RSA, TripleDES, Twofish etc.

Data Storages Techniques

There might be various ways in which data from the crm is getting stored, Mobile App storage could also be a part of this. Various data storage techniques available are ON-PREMISES, COLLOCATION, PUBLIC Cloud, PRIVATE CLOUD etc. Now it’s up to the company to provide various solutions to the clients depending upon their need & Security.

HTTPS layer Protection

Most of the application frontend is on the web, and web is based upon internet communication, so HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It’s important to have https layer security to access the crm, hence giving browsers extra layered security makes it better: While login one should always see that the page is secure via : https. This actually helps secure your credentials submitted on login page.

Certification & Compliance

Companies should get the whole process audited with the competent authority, this will not only help the company maintain better processes and these certifications gives customers assurance that the companies are taking care of their data in the better way. Some of the other compliance like, Third Party Assessments, data center security certification, ISO 27001 Certifications, GDPR compliance etc. makes more promising business deals.

Data Backups

It’s not only the duty of the serving company but it’s the duty of the buyer to remain proactive, hence the buyer should take regular backups of their data and secure it on their private devices. Moreover many methods are available like saving data in datasheets, saving data in SQL formats, attachments etc. buyers should always research before buying any CRM. Various options are mostly available inside the admin panel ie: Twice monthly,  once monthly, Every Week, Download.

Centralized Vs Decentralized CRM 

Its very important to understand what is centralized and what is decentralized, Today’s cyber security strategy asks for more decentralized systems, and more and more companies are moving towards block-chain but the time we reach optimized block-chain solutions, we must use different ways like primitive methods to keep the system decentralized , so that in case Denial – Of – Services happen, it should not impact the whole system. It Little time consuming & difficult to handle decentralized systems than centralized systems, but in the long run it helps where cyber security fails, decentralization saves, either companies get affected with downtime syndrome. Everybody knows more down time means losing credibility exponentially hence losing customers.

Summary is that companies making crm software should  work towards making crm more secure day by day. They should spend money on cyber security and should assure their clients about their data. They should assure that the future is more secure for the enterprise using CRM or totally dependent upon these tools. 

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