Cybersecurity in Crypto Currency Business

Cybersecurity in Cryptocurrency Business

A crypto currency as the name suggest is a secured virtual or digital currency. Crypto currency is secured by using cryptography techniques, which makes it highly secure and nearly impossible to forge or replicate. Crypto currencies are based on block chain technology on decentralized networks—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

As crypto currencies become more popular worldwide, there’s concern that cyber criminals or hackers will try to use them to masquerade their illegitimate activities in other platforms, particularly when it comes to laundering funds.

The digital currency using principles of cryptography to secure transactions. Where the regulators and governments are still trying to figure out appropriate legal structures and business norms governing crypto currencies., hackers and cybercriminals are finding intelligent ways to exploit that window of opportunity by identifying the vulnerabilities in crypto currency business.

 Since Cyber Security of crypto currency is a concerning issue and it is obvious that the cyber security industry has to significantly consider crypto currency security and the issues surrounding it. The crypto currency being untrack able and irreversible transactions leads to many potential issues for consumers and organizations alike who occupy crypto currency.

Despite the cyber security threats and risk, many individuals still want to participate in the crypto currency market and would want to acquire it – few of them are technology enthusiasts who would want to be the part of new wave of technology and another big number is of those who wants to become a millionaire in quick span of time. If you’re either of the category of those people, these tips may help secure your crypto currency account.

There are few To Do’s on which the security experts agree to keep crypto currency out of the hands of cyber criminals or hackers-

Use of Hard Wallets

The first and foremost thing to consider is to keep cyber security the topmost priority, since an individual’s private key is the way to access crypto currency, therefore it’s essential to keep it safe. Do not keep your keys online in safeguard yourself. One may use a hardware wallet — an item that looks like a USB and contains their private code. Your key will be kept in an encoded format in hardware wallets and one can simply plug the wallet to your system in case of any transaction, code will always remain in the device and hence there will be hardly any chance that it would be accessed or stolen from your system by cyber criminals or any other unauthorised users. One can make duplicates of the wallets which can be kept another safe place, so that there would be a backup always available with you. It is highly recommended to use crypto currency hard for the strong security.

Use unique and strong Passwords/Passphrases:

Use of strong passwords will help to keep crypto currency security safer, the passwords/passphrase used for crypto currency accounts should not resemble any passwords/passphrases utilized for other types of logins. Passwords should always be considered as security and not as a convenience. Long and complex phrases with digits and letters and special characters that would be impossible to guess are recommended to use. A good password should be non-guessable by cybercriminals or hackers. Avoid using personal information like name, age, date of birth and spouse name as password. Also don’t share too much personal information online. Try to remember your password, in any case if you want to stored it at some place, better to keep it offline and out of reach from any unauthorised person.

Create Separate encrypted email accounts

Next recommendation is to create a separate encrypted email account for the communication regarding crypto currency. There are ample of secured and encrypted email services which offers free accounts which are often best to use, one can get extra premium features by paying a small amount which enhances the security of the account. Commonly free available email servers can be easily compromised and can leave important information accessible to unauthorized personal or cyber criminals. Having a separate encrypted email account which is not connected to other types of activities especially social media, keeps confidential & critical information and communication separate from each other and less prone to cyber-attack.

Use Ad Blocker Software:

Use of ad blocker software for computers and devices utilized for crypto currency is vital, now a days many anti-viruses are providing ad-blocking services. The ad blocker features on the browsers shall also be enabled for extra security. Keeping your systems free of malware and other types of cyber-attacks automatically reduce the risk. Restarting the computer and cleaning the cookies after each is highly advisable in conjunction with the software.

Validate the URL:

While you are dealing with crypto currency it is very important to validate the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the site you were utilizing before entering any critical information. Phishing attacks are very common attacks regarding crypto currency websites. Avoid clicking on any link received on mail or message without verifying it. Phishing attacks can be avoided by confirming the web address is correct address associated with the desired account or platform.

Unlike paper-based currencies which are controlled by governments, crypto currencies or digital currencies are fully decentralized and operate independently of any regulation. Crypto currency is still not regulated in many countries, so there are no security audits assessments or controls when it comes to crypto currency systems, In spite of that a lot of media coverage and high returns are luring customers to invest in it. The security risks, however, are real and that can be financially disastrous for those who don’t pay attention towards them and not keen to know how to safeguard themselves from the dangers associated with digital currency.

Crypto currency is certainly providing an ease of use and globalisation of currency, however the improper and insure   can lead to a catastrophic result. Technology if not used properly can results into disaster.

Undoubtedly, acquiring crypto currency is both extremely interesting and filled with risk. Knowing what the threats are and how to safeguard digital assets will help you make an informed decision to determine if investing in digital currency is the right choice for you or not.

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